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    Entropia Tail regular expression support

    Although it’s not very mush tested ATM, the program supports regular expressions as search strings. Note that it is configured to search globally and case sensitive, until the regex manager tab is completed.

    Below are two examples of regexes that can be used and modified for searching in a selected channel for some items. The first one will search for Belkar, belkar or belk in arktrade, trade or calytrade with a markup of 105 or 110. The second one will serach without markup prices.



    You can edit everything that is into the parenthesis, with this caveat, never use [], {}, /, \, + or  * if you don’t know about regexes, and if you know how to use them, beware that the string search code doesn’t parse anything so unexpected results are expected to occur.

    PE. If you want to search in other channels, just substitute the ones given by the ones you want, separated by this character “|” that simbolizes an “or” operator. So “channel1|channel2” means the script will search for channel1 or channel2, but no for Channel1 or Channel2 that must be added in order to do the search.


    A quick guide to regular expressions: